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Press Releases, 6/23/2009

Ambassador of Iran summoned to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Press release 171/2009
23 June, 2009

Foreign Minister Stubb met with media on 23 June. Photo: Hanna Ovaskainen.Ambassador Reza Nazarahari, the Iranian ambassador to Finland, was summoned today, 23 June, to the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs owing to the aftermath of the Iranian Presidential elections. Several people have been killed in the post-election demonstrations and hundreds have been arrested. Iran has also accused the EU member states for provoking riots.

Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb received Ambassador Nazarahari and stated Finland’s unreserved condemnation concerning use of violence by the authorities. Minister Subb made an appeal for a peaceful settlement of the situation and the implementation of freedom of speech and opinion. In addition, he urged Iran to free the imprisoned opposition leaders and recount the votes cast in the Presidential elections in order to clear the suspicions concerning the election results presented in the country.

Additional information: First Secretary Anssi Leino, Unit for the Middle East and North Africa, tel. +358 9 1605 6479, and Press Attaché for the Foreign Minister Juha Kirstilä, tel. +358 40 552 8200


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